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Building Trust with Both Partners on a Financial Journey

Gender bias can eclipse the partnership ...


Posted by Sam Bradford on 28/09/2023 @ 8:00AM

When I meet a couple for the first time, a common narrative emerges where one partner finds themselves sidelined, their voice muffled and unacknowledged which is often down to simple gender bias ...

Modern financial planning is about more than just numbers. And for that, every voice matters!

Modern financial planning is about more than just numbers. And for that, every voice matters!


It's a sad fact that more often than not, this disregarded partner tends to be the woman. The stark reality is that despite society's progressive strides into the 21st century, remnants of age-old stereotypes persist.

"These prejudices often manifest
in the financial industry!"

It's not uncommon for financial advisors to unconsciously direct their conversation and advice towards the male counterpart of a couple, leaving the other feeling excluded and invisible. This omission does not just sting on a personal level, it brings a cascade of emotions that can be detrimental both to the individual's self-worth and the couple's collective financial journey.

  • Isolation: There's a profound disconnection when one feels excluded from an integral part of their life. Financial planning isn't just about numbers; it's about dreams, aspirations, and security. Being left out feels like a clear message: your dreams don't matter.

  • Frustration: The exclusion translates to a nagging belief that they're not valued, leading to a surge of frustration. It's difficult to plan for a future together when one feels they aren't even part of the conversation.

  • Insecurity: Being consistently sidelined can make one question their worth and knowledge about financial matters. They may begin to doubt their role and input in financial decisions.

  • Distrust: A shadow of suspicion can loom over financial decisions made without their input. Over time, this can lead to a general mistrust in the financial planner and even in their partner.

  • Conflict: Naturally, when two people are on different pages, especially about something as crucial as finances, conflicts arise.

For a financial plan to genuinely work for a couple, both voices need to be acknowledged, respected, and integrated into the process. I've always known that trust is the cornerstone of financial planning, and to build it, financial advisors like me must shed any biases and understand that both partners bring value to the table.

By ensuring that both voices matter, I can not only craft a more comprehensive and effective strategy, but also empower couples to stride forward confidently in their shared journey. After all, true financial success is achieved when both partners understand, trust, and are invested in their collective future.

Modern financial planning is about more than just numbers. It's about partnership, equality, and shared visions. And for that, every voice matters.

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