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Debunking the Money Myths in Relationships

What every couple should know ...


Posted by Sam Bradford on 14/12/2023 @ 8:00AM

Love and finances are two areas that deeply impact our lives. Myths around them become even more intertwined when we consider the dynamics of romantic relationships ...

As a financial adviser, I've witnessed first-hand the negative impacts of these money myths!

As a financial adviser, I've witnessed first-hand the negative impacts of these money myths!

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The age-old tales, such as Cinderella, which suggest that romantic love also means financial rescue, have deeply influenced how many perceive relationships. However, these myths often lead to financial hardships and strains within partnerships.

As a financial adviser, I've witnessed first-hand the negative impacts of these money myths and feel it's crucial to debunk them to help couples forge healthier financial partnerships.

  • 'Love conquers all' is not a Financial Strategy

    While love is a powerful force, it alone cannot resolve financial disputes. Success in financial management within a relationship demands shared values, mutual understanding of money beliefs, and often the guidance of financial professionals.

  • Admitting financial mistakes is necessary

    While the old cliche of 'love means never having to say you're sorry' might sound romantic, it isn't practical. Financial blunders happen. Acknowledging them and making amends can make a relationship even stronger.

  • Openness and honesty about finances are crucial, but not guaranteed

    Trust is foundational in a marriage, but that doesn't mean financial secrets don't exist. Many individuals have hidden purchases or significant financial decisions from their partners, not out of malevolence, but often to sidestep conflicts. Understanding the distinction between secrecy and privacy can help couples navigate these challenges.

  • Financial disagreements are common, but not universal

    While a significant number of couples argue over money, it doesn't imply universal discord. Healthy financial communication, facilitated by a financial adviser if necessary, can prevent 'money silence' from damaging relationships.

  • Financial agreement is ideal, not imperative

    Believing that couples must always be on the same financial page is unrealistic. Varied financial perspectives can, in fact, enrich discussions and lead to balanced decisions. The goal should be mutual understanding and compromise, not necessarily agreement.

  • Women are financial powerhouses too

    While historical norms might have painted women as financially dependent, modern times show a different picture. Women have made monumental economic strides, often outearning their male counterparts. This shift, however, doesn't negate the need for women to continue building their financial confidence.

  • Financial literacy isn't gender-determined

    The stereotype that men are the financial brains while women are naïve is outdated and incorrect. Advisers, like myself, must approach every individual without preconceived notions or biases.

In my journey as a financial adviser, I've realised that societal tales and familial influences shape our beliefs around money, especially within relationships.

I've had to recognise and challenge my biases to advise couples effectively. While each couple's financial journey is unique, the importance of open communication, mutual respect, and informed decisions remains universal.

"Why should we debunk these myths?"

By debunking them, and being armed with the right knowledge, couples can craft their financial narratives without being bound by societal stereotypes. Remember, like in every aspect of a relationship, when it comes to finances, understanding, compromise, and mutual respect are paramount.

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